Our culture’s popular perception of KARMA is that our fate is determined by past deeds–often ‘way past, from a previous lifetime–and that we are living with certain consequences because we are being punished (or rewarded) for choices we made in the past.

There are some inaccuracies here, for Karma is, quite simply, the Law of Cause & Effect. Yes, we reap the effects we cause. It is true that “what goes around comes around” – but we can change what goes around by changing our action; the law will automatically respond to the new cause, shifting its response to that.

KARMA is all about choice. We have the ability to change CAUSE at any time, initiating a changed effect.

The appearance that our wise choices reward us is because they attract our good; the effects of unethical choices can feel like punishment. (We may get something that we want through an unprincipled act that we are happy about short-term, but inharmonious actions will eventually cause us pain and a sense of alienation or limitation.)

We have a lot of catchy sayings about the Law of Karma: Like attracts like — We reap what we sow – Be careful what you ask for; you’ll get it!

Although a matching effect absolutely will begin to manifest from every action, we are not locked into effects of past actions. We can change our actions at any time, and Life will automatically then begin to respond to those actions, setting a new tendency in motion. (Sometimes it does take some time for the shift to be complete—that depends on us and how fast we accommodate the new effects in our lives; we have to create space for the new.)

You have the Power of Choice—always!
USE IT! Use it wisely!

How to respond to the Law of Karma? All the world’s spiritual teachings agree:

  • Act in love.
  • Treat others as you wish to be treated.
  • Live ethically.

And let peace be with you!

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