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Easter Morn:

A truth that has long lain buried
At Superstition’s door,
I see, in the dawn uprising
In all its strength once more.
Hidden away in the darkness,
By Ignorance crucified,
Crushed under stones of dogmas –
Yet lo! it has not died.
It stands in the light transfigured,
It speaks from the heights above,
And the spirits of men are gladdened
As they welcome this Truth re-born
With its feet on the grave of Error
And its eyes to the Easter Morn.

– Ella Wheeler Wilcox

What do you really think!

Greetings Dear Friends,

As Emerson said, “Thought rules the world.” Since wintry March encourages introspection, perhaps we might want to look at our deepest-held thoughts and beliefs about Life and how It works. Simple subject, no?! Let’s see if we can simplify it for our consideration:

Below is a shortened version of what Ernest Holmes, author and founder of the book and spiritual philosophy called The Science of Mind, stated as his beliefs. It is a reduction and summary of 13 original statements Holmes wrote for the Science of Mind Magazine many years ago.

  • I believe in ONE God expressing through every living being.
  • I believe that God is personal to everyone and makes Itself known to all who recognize Its presence.
  • I believe that God is love and only creates out of a desire to express love.
  • I believe and trust that God has in mind the highest and greatest good for every person and is always seeking to bring that good into their life.
  • I believe that our thought is creative and that how we choose to think creates our personal experience.
  • I believe that by changing the way we think, we can affect our lives in a healing and positive way.
  • I believe in the unity of all life and the immortality of the individual soul forever unfolding.
  • I believe in the eternal goodness, the eternal Loving-Kindness, and the Givingness of life to all.

I, Nancy, believe this list covers the basic truths about Life, and that it has the potential to uncover any conflicts in thinking about what Life is that may be keeping one from living her/his ideal life. Questions or comments? I’m available by email or phone. I will also be happy to furnish Holmes’ original, complete statement to anyone who wants it.



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