In honor of our mothers on this Mother’s Day weekend, I dedicate this May note to Love—the maternal kind of Love. (I am capitalizing it because it is one of the attributes of God–unconditionally pure, whole and always present to us.)  Below this note is a Mothers Day message I gave at OSC in 2011.

Mother Love is an action verb, much more than a mouthed sentiment of affection.  It is the kind of love that responds to us immediately and fully when we ask for help.  It’s the kind of Love that absolutely and unconditionally accepts us, exactly as we are.  (Part of the function of Father Love in psychological terms is to push and pull us to grow and improve; Mother Love oozes unconditional validation.)

Love expands.
Love opens our hearts to more in so many ways (more of everything—both joy and pain).

  • Love expands our ability to love ourselves as well as others
  • Love expands the lives of those we love
  • Love expands our relationships
  • Love expands our world — and the whole world!
  • Love expands our health—there is nothing enough love can’t heal!
  • Love expands our feelings & experiences
  • Love expands our thinking and attitudes
  • Love expands our abilities to accept, to grow, to evolve
  • Love expands our ability to truly be and express ourselves
  • Love expands our prosperity
  • Love feels good!

To further realize how valuable acting with Love is, we can take a look at its opposite:  withholding love contracts everything in our lives, including the possibilities and potentialities for our lives.  It puts a kink in the Flow of Life’s Energy.

Yes, there is the risk of experiencing pain when we open ourselves up. But considering the alternative, we don’t really have a choice if we want to have a life that is anywhere near being happy and fulfilled.  OPEN YOUR HEART TODAY—A GOOD PLACE TO START IS WITH YOUR MOTHER!

My Love to You,

Link to Sunday morning, May 2011.

During this Mother’s Day talk, I refer to a Rembrandt painting. Here’s a link to further information: The Return of the Prodigal Son.

Prodigal Son

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