THANKSGIVING: The Force Is With You

We say thank you because it’s good manners; it promotes positive relationships that have value for ourselves and our society. And when our gratitude is genuine, it feels good—it warms and opens our hearts. There’s more value: Did you know that the attitude of gratitude is a powerful energy — one you can use in your life?


Gratitude is an attractive energy–not just in the sense that it looks good (it does!)–but also in the sense that it attracts things and circumstances to us! When we are gratefully celebrating something, we become a magnetic force that draws more of that something to us. This is the basis for the Bible teaching “to those who have, more shall be given.”

Our attention—and our feelings regarding the object of our attention—create a powerful force field that draws to us people / things / experiences that have similar energy fields. Everything in Life has an energy field: people, plants, rocks—even relationships. Check this out for yourself regarding relationships by shifting your opinion of someone, and notice how your feelings change!

Appreciation means increase – ask any banker! When we are being thankful- grateful-appreciative, our hearts and our minds and our very lives open up to letting more of life in. Gratefulness makes us high-level receivers! What a wonderful world this would be if each of us lived this way most of the time!

I know, we feel we have to close ourselves off sometimes. This world is not always safe, and so for protection, we place armor between ourselves and the world at large. There is risk; many things are in play in our lives, and we don’t know them all. Nor do we know for sure what the response to any of our actions will be. Yet consider the benefits of being open. Life is constantly seeking expansion; it can be expanding your life, if you let it. An open appreciation for the object of your focus sets up an energetic draw of more of that good to you.

Are the likely benefits worth the risk of letting in pain? The maxim it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all is about this risk–a risk inherent in living in this world. Appreciating what’s here rather than focusing on the possibility of pain doesn’t guarantee happiness; it does strongly improve the odds of our lives expanding and prospering. To use this powerful force for greater good, make your thinking a conscious attitude of gratitude that is based in awareness and knowledge.

To use this powerful force for greater good, make your thinking a conscious attitude of gratitude that is based in awareness and knowledge.

Prosperous Thanksgiving Blessings,


Is it “selfish” to use this energy for ourselves?

Consider these 3 points; then choose for yourself:

  1. In our current culture, “being selfish” has a negative connotation. Yet the word is broader than being egocentric. Consider that each of us is responsible for this body and persona we have as a vehicle in this world. It is our job to take care of ourselves, necessarily our first priority before giving to others. It doesn’t work to put others first anyway, because we can only give to others from our own level of wholeness. From wholeness, we have something of value to contribute.
  2. This magnetic force can’t be used up, diminished, or taken from anyone else. It’s everywhere present and it’s there for us to use! We’re all putting it into play every day already, every time we focus on something. Applying it with conscious choice and awareness can only be good!
  3. Improving our own lives also automatically improves the One Life that we are all a part of–because our lives are a part of It! Every little bit counts—including us!

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