A Commitment to Honor Ourselves

“I cannot afford to associate with doubters of who I am.”

This statement has been attributed to Ernest Holmes, spoken during a speech he gave in CA many years ago. I have not been able to verify its accuracy, but what I do know is that it is a very wise and empowering statement, in keeping with Holmes’ teachings.

Did reading it give you goosebumps? Goosebumps are the result of witnessing or hearing something deeply true and powerful, often a new thought to us and a new way of thinking that offers us an avenue to freedom. Many of those attending last Wednesday night’s Gathering felt goosebumps when this statement was shared.

It’s a simple statement; it doesn’t need explanation. It probably does need, if it’s new to you and you are considering taking it as your own, some deep contemplation. Serious commitment to honor ourselves needs serious consideration. The roots of a commitment will go as deeply into our lives and our relationships as the depth we give them. (Imagine that!)

The strength this deep realization gives me is one of the valuable things I have learned and gained this past year. I am grateful for it and for the opportunity to share its rich blessings with you.

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