Enjoy your Inner Self

What did you do on your summer vacation? Did you take one? ”Relaxing and enjoying ourselves” is a phrase we commonly use when describing our vacations. We’re usually talking, when we use it, about feeling good.

Why does relaxing feel so good?

  1. It’s a break from hard work/boring work/mundane existence.
  2. We have the circumstances to simply have fun—to enjoy activities such as swimming and boating, reading a novel in the hammock or taking in a movie or concert with friends.
  3. There’s another reason that I think is even more at play here; it’s this: It is when we are relaxed that we can sense into who we really are, into our Inner Self– with the dreams, strengths and yearnings of our real selves that desire to be recognized and realized.

Truly “enjoying ourselves” is what happens when we recognize and let our inner selves out to play!

Our #1 need (after physical survival) is having our preciousness realized!
Too often in our current culture, vacation time is the only time when we take the time to be consciously aware of our precious Inner Self. As this luscious August month comes to a close and we shift our attention to the back-to-school-and-work season that follows, consider completing this month’s CSL focus on the power of rest by setting an intention to enjoy your Inner Self more often.

Schedule times of rest for the recognition of your preciousness. No one else’s appreciation of you will get through to you if you aren’t doing it yourself. It’s an inside job! Remember to stop and smell your inner flowers—and enjoy them–all year long.

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