What to do when all hell breaks loose

My friend, Brendalyn Batchelor (the Unity minister in Santa Fe), and I were shocked when we heard that all hell had been breaking loose in the world while we were lightheartedly enjoying a summer vacation together. What to do about this accelerated conflict in our world? It’s scary. It’s threatening. It’s real. Denying it won’t get us anywhere–our brains won’t buy into the denial anyway–nor will ignoring the situation help bring about any change. What can we do?

What are you doing about it? There’s an old saying that’s true: If you want to know how someone will handle the big, important things, look at how they handle small things; it’ll be the same. Whether we’re dealing with world conflict or a situation at home or at our workplace with one person or event, knowing how to effectively handle conflict is a valuable skill. Our teaching gives the same advice for all conflict, major or minor, personal or world-wide:

First, move into peace yourself. Center yourself in prayer or your mindfulness technique to embody the peace you desire to manifest. peace doveDoing this removes any unhelpful energy you might be contributing to the situation (fear, anger, judgment) and prepares you to be a conduit for the energy of resolution.

Next, be grateful for this conflict-free peace you have right now. Know that this peace is available also to everyone and everything involved in the situation that you have concern about. Peace in the situation might not exist at present, but it is available to it, and Spirit can resolve the conflict without stripping anyone or anything of their appropriate power.

Now, claim and accept peace for the situation. Know that in your oneness with all life, you have the ability to accept peace for any other part of life. Let yourself be a conduit for peaceful resolution of the situation, releasing all judgment and concern. This doesn’t mean you are to muster up peace to send to others; you simply accept for them, letting peace flow through you without effort.

Once you have done this, remain mindfully peaceful. (Probably the hardest part!) If there is any other action that is yours to take regarding the situation, you are in a receptive state to receive guidance. If you don’t receive a divine nudge to do something in particular, know that your Being an Instrument of Peace is powerful beyond our knowledge, and perfect for you. If everyone were doing this simple thing, think what a wonderful world we would have!

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